Our mission


The fashion global market increasingly requires new ideas and better solutions. As far as we are concerned, in the small world of components that are needed in shoes, we offer highly performing materials that can help the shoe factories to produce even the most extreme creations designed by stylists. This is our mission: making the impossible become possible.

We are also a very environment-friendly company. Our high-quality cardboards, for instance, are entirely made of pure cellulose and water, with no artificial colouring or substances added. Therefore they are healthy, completely biodegradable and fully recyclable.

Our strong desire to fully satisfy our clients results in high-quality materials, delivery continuity, service quality and speed in order processing.


Quality Services


Our main product line is represented by technical fibred boards for assembly insoles: in this field we have reached the highest level that no other company has ever managed to achieve. We also offer highly performing foams, in various solutions that can solve long-standing problems as far as comfort and cleanliness are concerned. Both for insoles and soles, we sell leather regenerated materials, which are produced in the German factory that guarantees continuity in the production line. Our latest innovation regards the production of laminated heels for fashion trends, which can be used alone, coupled with leather or crust leather, or even as a substitute for masonite.


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