BRL is a BICOMPONENT latex foam obtained by a double-combined spread of two different compounds: the lower part, red in colour, is made of LRC SSF gel which prevents the creation of wrinkles due to shaping and ensures a considerable comfort; the light blue upper part consists of a special viscoelastic latex foam, similar to memory foam, which gives the insole a feature similar to that of a fußbett, adapting to the shape of each foot and copying the exactly shape. All this is covered with an elastic fabric enhancing the features described above.

The result is a product ensuring a comfort level that has never been reached so far by traditional latex foams, offering a higher comfort feeling and lower stress. By perfectly adapting to each shape, it seems to completely wrap the foot as if every single shoe was custom-designed. It is also breathable, soft to the touch, light and delicate on the skin.

The standard thicknesses is 2.5 mm and 4.5 mm.