PK is a thermoplastic adhesive film based on 130 gr / mq ± 10% EVA which is applied onto a paper layer obtained through the extrusion process.
The product is mainly used for footwear and leather goods. It is particularly suitable for folding the leather during the seaming phase using machines equipped with a hot press, for applying non-adhesive reinforcements to natural or synthetic leather, and as a reinforcement itself to provide more strenght to the materials onto which it is applied.
It forms one single frame between the upper, the lining and the inner components and it is extremely adaptable. Depending on the shoe factory’s needs, in fact, it can be applied already cut during the seaming phase, as well as uncut onto whole leather sheets. PK is designed to avoid those flaws that usually arise while assembling the shoe.
For instance, PK can be used to:

  • remove wrinkles between the upper and the lining caused by a faulty coupling;
  • give the footwear a perfectly smooth look even in case of lightweight, very soft or weak leathers, thus keeping the physical features of the material (softness, touch, etc.) unaltered;
  • create one single piece in the boot leg by perfectly stretching the leather;
  • make the shoe inner components – that could mark the upper (tips, counters, reinforcements of any kind) – invisible, thus creating a very thin veil that covers their edges;
  • avoid reinforcements when a soft or very soft footwear is desired, thus replacing their function and ensuring a perfect coupling o;
  • reproduce exactly the same shape lines even in those parts where there are no moulded components (top line, waist edge and the area between the counter and the tip), thus obtaining a perfectly shaped shoe without hardening it by means of added reinforcements, canvas, tnt, etc.

The core feature of PK is that it can be used in two steps as well: the first side is glued by holding the paper support; afterwards, when the support is removed, the other side may be glued as well.

Application method

The PK film is heat-reactivated at a temperature between 90 ° and 110 ° C (adhesive film temperature), depending on the type of material to be glued and the processing method used.
In order to get the best fixing level, simply lay the film onto the parts to be glued and reactivate it using a hot plate, set at the above said temperatures under pressure.


50-meter long and 150 cm high linear rolls.